Commercial Real Estate (CRE)

The critical link between network infrastructure and your bottom line

In a hyper-connected world, commercial property values rise or fall based on the quality of the networks inside. Tenant retention, net operating income—they’re all impacted by the building’s infrastructure. It’s got to deliver strong Wi-Fi/cellular, building automation, cyber protection, energy efficiency and more.

From downtown offices buildings to suburban multi-dwelling units, commercial building owners and managers turn to the end-to-end networking solutions and expertise of CommScope.

Challenges and opportunities


Better user experience

Stronger property revenues start with happier, more productive tenants. CommScope gives them more to love. Reliable Wi-Fi and cellular connectivity, the power to run artificial intelligence (AI) analytics, and support for their emerging applications and devices. All of which translates to a more bankable bottom line for you.


A more reliable network

CommScope’s end-to-end solutions—including structured cabling, automated infrastructure management, and more—enable you to support best-in-class availability and spot network trouble before it becomes a big problem. With future-ready engineering and standards-based designs, we ensure the most reliable infrastructure for your converged high-performance network.


Network agility

As the number of connected users, devices and technologies expands, your building’s network must adapt. CommScope keeps you moving forward with indoor 5G, Wi-Fi 6, private LTE, internet of things, AI and whatever else is next. One global partner with all the wired and wireless network solutions you need to scale and flex to meet your ever-changing network demands.

Why CommScope?

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We keep it simple

Navigating your network complexities can be difficult. CommScope makes it easy. We’re unique in our ability to provide for all your wired and wireless needs—structured copper/fiber cabling, Wi-Fi access points/switches, indoor cellular, IoT and PoE connectivity, infrastructure management/analytics. We bring it all together, seamlessly and simply.

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We make it reliable

Like your building’s power and water, you shouldn’t have to think about your network’s reliability. With CommScope, you don’t. Using field-proven solutions, relentless testing and standards-based design, we deliver the always-on network availability and performance that you and your tenants depend on.

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We ensure it's adaptable

Technology evolves exponentially. Your property’s network must flex and scale accordingly. CommScope keeps you ready. As a global leader, we help define the network standards. Leveraging our long-range vision, we ensure your current network investment delivers healthy dividends as you grow and evolve. It’s our job to know what’s next.