Whole-home managed Wi-Fi

Maximize customer satisfaction and reduce support costs with CommScope’s HomeAssure® Managed Wi-Fi solution

In today’s homes, Wi-Fi is the primary method used to connect devices to broadband. However, as access network speeds increase to offer multi-gigabit bandwidth, and the number of devices used to access content grows, Wi-Fi has become the limiting factor in customers’ broadband experience. This is has become major source of consumer dissatisfaction, resulting in frequent helpdesk calls, and cost for the service provider.

CommScope's HomeAssure Managed Wi-Fi solution provides optimized, high performance Wi-Fi coverage throughout the home without any dead spots. It addresses coverage and performance issues, using Wi-Fi extenders that create a self-optimizing mesh Wi-Fi network.

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Challenges and opportunities

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Happier customers, lower costs

The HomeAssure solution delivers high-performance Wi-Fi throughout the home. It’s easy to install and use, with help from the HomeAssure app. That means satisfied customers, fewer support calls and reduced truck-rolls.

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Visibility and proactive approach

Comprehensive, in-depth Wi-Fi data capture and intelligent analytics make it possible to address issues before they impact the consumer, such as identifying customers with poor Wi-Fi coverage and offering them Wi-Fi extenders.


Easy to install and use

HomeAssure Managed Wi-Fi helps providers meet and exceed subscribers’ expectations, with easy-to-install-and-use, self-configuring, self-optimizing solutions that improve Wi-Fi coverage and performance.


Coverage and performance throughout the home

Gateways with high-quality Wi-Fi address most consumer needs. For customers with coverage issues, additional self-installed access points (Wi-Fi Extenders) create a single, high-performance mesh Wi-Fi network throughout the home.


Why CommScope?

Easy to use consumer experience icon

Easy to use consumer experience

HomeAssure is easy to install and manage, with guidance from a practical app that assists in Wi-Fi Extender installation. Auto-configuring extenders pick up configuration data from gateway SSID, for example. Everything from speed tests to setting passwords and parental controls is easy and fast.

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Fast to deploy, highly scalable

The HomeAssure cloud-based Software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform is quick to implement and scales to meet the needs of the largest service providers. It is cost-effective, with a simple pricing model that allows you to scale without large up-front investment. There are options for integration with back-office systems.

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Complete solution for service providers

HomeAssure is designed to meet the needs of service providers with fully integrated, best-in-class gateways, Wi-Fi extenders, software, app and cloud platform. Our professional services offer the flexibility to integrate with 3rd party devices.

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The trusted experts in home Wi-Fi

CommScope is a long-term innovator in home and enterprise Wi-Fi solutions. We are the world’s largest supplier of cable gateways and we are leading the way with the next generation of technologies such as Wi-Fi 6E.

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