Video device platforms

Transform the user experience on the TV with high-quality video devices

Pay-TV service providers are seeking to deliver differentiated experiences to the main screen in the home (the TV) that attract and retain customers. This requires solutions that deliver a consistent, reliable experience and allow for accelerated innovation and deployment.

Challenges and opportunities

The set-top is evolving

Set-tops enable service providers to consistently deliver high-quality, secure, premium video services with apps and web services, such as Netflix® and YouTube®, into our homes. Devices with the processing power, configurability and connectivity options enable service providers to rapidly evolve their services to keep their subscribers’ attention.

CommScope is evolving the set-top with Smart Media Devices, a new category of devices that integrates speaker, smart assistant, and far-field voice command technology into a single piece of hardware—presenting service providers with an exciting new framework for personalized and aggregated services in entertainment, e-health, education, utilities, productivity, and more.


Driving the consumer experience

For service providers, the user experience on the TV is an important part of their brand. A set-top manages that experience as a platform on which the service provider’s experience can be built—including co-hosted services such as Netflix™, exclusive services, etc., ensuring:

  • The service provider’s screen is the first and primary screen interface consumers see when turning on a TV
    • Consumers won’t need to scroll through a list to find the service provider app—or change TV inputs
    • Consumers do not leave the platform to consume content from another provider—meaning service providers won’t lose revenue, usage data, or the relationship
  • A consistent user experience for all customers, regardless of the make of TV—giving the ability to specify the Wi-Fi connection to ensure the quality of HD, 4K and future video standards
  • One remote to control all services, allowing the service provider to specify the functions on the remote control, like voice control or IoT features
  • Easy integration of third-party OTT services and apps within the user interface due to standardized platforms and the integration capabilities of CommScope
  • A choice of content protection, making it easier to obtain rights to high-value content
  • Easily implement remote management and service monitoring tools
  • Streamlined testing and support
  • No need to keep pace with the growing number of TV models that a TV app would require

Evolving the service

The latest set-top platforms enhance the consumer experience with:

  • A richer user interface, with more detail and 3D graphics
  • UltraHD content with a wide color gamut, higher frame rates and High Dynamic Range (HDR)
  • Improved surround sound
  • Smaller set-tops and Bluetooth® Low Energy remote controls that allow the set-top to be completely hidden from sight
  • Wi-Fi connectivity for easier installation and flexible location of the set-top
  • Smart Media Devices with voice assistance that make the TV the center of the smart home—a platform for personalized and aggregated services in entertainment, e-health, education, utilities, productivity, and more
  • Reduced environment impact: lower power consumption, use of recycled plastics and removal of single-use plastic packaging

For service providers, set-tops reduce the costs of content delivery and support by:

  • Supporting higher efficiency video encoding, including HEVC and VC-1, to reduce network bandwidth demands
  • Being wireless connected, simplifying installation
  • Being able to be remotely managed for configuration, diagnostics, analytics and software updates
  • Supporting IP VOD services:
    • Reduce content license costs and/or access larger VOD content catalogs from third parties
    • Provide cloud-based recording, removing the cost of a DVR


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