Private LTE Networks

Solve business-critical challenges with your own LTE network.

Private LTE networks enable organizations to address communication challenges that only a dedicated, secure, ultra-high-quality network can reliably support. Critical use cases include:

  • Secure, wide-area, high-definition video surveillance
  • Critical communications for security and operations teams
  • Remote vehicle and equipment control
  • Automated guided vehicle (AGV) connectivity
  • Mobile point-of-sale (POS) and mobile kiosk connectivity
  • Mobile high-volume data transfer for imagery, video, and diagnostics
  • Mobile connectivity for utility, public safety and passenger transfer vehicles
  • Low-latency connectivity for industrial automation (industry 4.0)

These and other use cases are applicable to a wide variety of industries and environments, including: airports, hospitals, hotels, manufacturing, municipalities, ports, railyards, public venues and stadia, schools and universities.

To support these implementations, organizations can build their own private LTE network by leveraging the Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS) band and drawing upon a rapidly growing ecosystem of CBRS-capable devices and endpoints.

With CommScope, deploying a private LTE network can be as simple as defining the coverage area, subscribing to needed cloud services and turning on the system.

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