Network intelligence and automation

Ensure services provided to customers are continuously available and performing to agreed service levels.

Service providers can proactively and effectively resolve service issues, minimize customer impact, and deliver improved customer service through a data analytics-driven focus on network intelligence and automation.


Challenges and opportunities

Fixing issues quickly

Fixing issues quickly, the first time

Service assurance strategies are nothing new; most service providers use some form of home-grown or commercial tools to address key areas such as network management, trouble ticketing, workforce management, outages and service restoration. These tools help identify and fix service network and performance issues, but service-affecting issues stubbornly remain: calls to the call center, consumer dissatisfaction, and churn are too high. There is the need to take service management to the next level through big data and artificial intelligence.

CommScope’s suite of Service Assurance solutions focuses directly on helping service providers address service quality issues and realize measurable benefits that increase customer satisfaction and reduce costs.

Why do something different?
Problems persist:

  • Service quality issues are adversely impacting customer satisfaction scores and churn
  • Intermittent quality issues result in multiple truck rolls
  • A reactive approach to outage management is too late to avoid impacting customers
  • Mean time to restore (MTTR) is too high
  • Real-time problem verification is lacking while technicians are onsite, resulting in repeat truck rolls
  • Network technologies in the last mile and the home network continue to evolve and increase the complexity of monitoring and management

Proactive service assurance designed with the customer in mind

Imagine a customer is experiencing issues with calls dropping due to intermittent internet connections, leading to a very frustrated customer. Most tools and processes today lack the ability to accurately identify the root cause of quality service issues—especially those that occur intermittently over time. This often leads to rolling a truck and technician to a customer’s home or portion of the network to physically troubleshoot the issue. If the technician is unable to locate the problem, the customer continues to experience quality issues and is forced to call again the next time it happens. In the long run, this can lead to the customer churning in search of better service quality.


ServAssure® Alarm Central

\While most tools in use today are reactive in nature, CommScope offers a proactive solution that re-invents how organizations provide service quality and meet customer expectations.

ServAssure® Alarm Central uses big data and artificial intelligence to automate the identification and prioritization of existing and potential service impairments in the cable access network. The cause of the impairment is presented in full detail, including geographic location. Service providers can now pinpoint the root cause using true analytics, based on an extensive set of patent-pending algorithms from HFC experts, to accurately derive the location and cause of degradations and send technicians directly to the problem area.

ServAssure Alarm Central addresses previously undetectable issues before they affect service. Impairments are discovered and resolved proactively and customers are less aware of service issues—improving workforce productivity and reducing MTTR (mean time to repair) for services, translating into more satisfied customers.

Any problems needing resolution by a technician are flagged by Alarm Central to the field service management system, so a properly skilled technician—armed with corrective action details, supplies and equipment—can fix the problem accurately the first time.

ServAssure Alarm Central—features and benefits
Improve customer experience through proactive resolution of network issues
Reduce plant maintenance truck roll by faster and more accurately locating fault
Reduce MMTR through faster and more accurate diagnostics
Reduce wasted residential truck rolls
Reduce consumer calls and increase subscriber quality of experience by finding/resolving issues before service is affected
Prepare for DOCSIS 3.1 migration by addressing outstanding network quality impairment

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